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We are certified guides in the National Park and World Natural Heritage “Wadden Sea Lower Saxony” in Germany and are happy to accompany you!

Generally speaking, you are walking to the island on the sea ground during the hours of the low tide, when the water has vanished. In some areas during the hikes, the ground is muddy (maybe up to your shins), but in most parts the ground is sandy and easy to walk on. You also have to cross water-channels where the water might reach to your hips--remember, it is the sea-ground you are walking on. The water level depends a lot on the weather conditions, especially the wind, and can change within hours.

There are several islands to walk to, and different routes to choose from in the “Wadden Sea Lower Saxony” national park & world natural heritage.

To do these hikes, you should be in good physical condition and feel fit-- you will be walking for three or four hours. If you are in a sportive condition everything should be fine.

Usually, you walk to an island in about 3-4 hours, relaxed walking with several stops for explanations concerning the nature of the wadden sea. Then, we spend time on the island. Later, in the afternoon or evening, we go back to the mainland by ferry. Hikes from the island back to the mainland are also possible.

There are different tours to different islands. There are differences concerning the length and difficulty of the hikes:

  • The tours to the islands of Baltrum (appprox. 7 km) , Norderney (approx. 7 km; additional 3,5 km on the island to a bus station) and Minsener Oog (approx. 10 km) are relatively easy.
  • The tour to the island of Spiekeroog is a little longer with more mud - you should be a sportive person (approx. 9-10 km).
  • The most difficult tour is the one to the island of Langeoog. To do this tour, it is necessary to be sportive as the hike can be quite exhausting (approx. 10 km; additional 12 km on the island to the village / station).
  • The hike to the island Minsener Oog is an exception: you walk to the island and walk back to the mainland as it is a nature resort where no ships go to (in all approx. 10 km).

The costs for the tours are the following for adults and include the guided hike (Season 2018) – you have to add the ticket for the ferry back from the island to the mainland which you can buy on the ferry or in the harbour:

  • Spiekeroog 19 € (plus about 15 € for the ferry ticket)
  • Langeoog 20 € (plus about 11 € for the ferry ticket)
  • Baltrum 12 € for the hike (plus about 15 € for the ferry ticket)
  • Minsener Oog: 12 € for the guided hike.

Booking is necessary, as the number of participants per guide is limited by law – so tours can be fully booked, especially in summer during holiday season. If you are interested, we reserve a place for you in your chosen hike.

For the hike, as already mentioned, you should feel fit and healthy! We are not taking people on these hikes who are very overweight, who have cardiac or circulatory disturbances, diabetes or handicapped people (concerning their ability to walk). Also dogs are not allowed. You do the hike at your own risk.

It can happen that the weather conditions are too bad to do the planned hike, making it necessary to cancel the tour for that day. Therefore, please let us know how we can reach you - please provide us with your mobile-number or a telephone number where you can be reached on short notice.

The weather at the coast can change quickly, so it is possible that we have to cancel a hike at the meeting point. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

Concerning the equipment for the hikes, it is necessary to take along certain things, and to keep others in mind:

  • Very important!: You have to wear tight, good-fitting shoes and socks during the hike because of sharp shells and mussels – there is great danger of cutting your feet severely! No wellington boots, no outdoor-sandals, not barefoot!
  • You should wear shoes with laces, because they stick closely to your feet-- you won’t lose them in the mud. The shoes can be very old, as they will get wet and dirty anyway. Very good e.g. are cheap sneakers or trainers (they cost about 10 € and they are perfect).
  • You should wear shorts (because the water in the channels might reach to your hips), sun lotion and maybe a hat. The sun can be very intense, and you can get heavily sunburnt!
  • a backpack (comfortable to carry for some hours);
  • a towel;
  • a raincoat;
  • a pullover and trousers, as it can be chilly when we go back by ship in the evening.
  • Your clothing for the hike should be appropriate to the weather conditions on the day of the hike as you will be outside for some hours;
  • something to eat and especially to drink for the time of the hike;
  • insect repellent to protect you from insects (mosquitos, horseflies) on the island, especially in July & August;
  • clean and dry shoes you can wear on the island; and, in case the water might reach to the hips, dry underwear and trousers.
  • To carry your muddy and wet shoes or put them in your backpack, it is good to wrap them in a plastic bag;
  • if there is sunny weather, bring your swimwear - the beach on Spiekeroog for example is wonderful!

If you have questions or if you would like to book a tour, please contact us:

Ralf und Frank Hensel
Telefon 0170-888 6662 (if you call from abroad: 0049-170-888 6662)
E-Mail: info@wattwandern.de

Thank you very much!